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В связи со сложившейся проблемной ситуацией между SCO Unix и IBM популярный Linux-портал предлагает Linux-сообществу объявить «войну» SCO. Подробный план для борьбы с компанией представлен на главной странице портала, среди его пунктов:

- не покупать никакие продукты у SCO;

- не лицензировать никакие продукты или интеллектуальную собственность у SCO;

- по возможности прекратить любые контракты с SCO;

- при покупке какого-либо варианта UnitedLinux’а игнорируйте SCO;

- ….

Также есть просьбы лично к Linus’у Torvalds’у — запретить SCO использование торговой марки Linux, к Richard’у Stallman’у — найти легальный путь обвинить SCO в нарушении лицензии GPL, к IBM — купить SCO и присвоить их так называемую UNIX интеллектуальную собственность, сделать ее общественной, а затем прекратить работу со всеми сотрудниками SCO.

Вот, товарищи-юниксоиды, и допрыгались… Этого и стоило ожидать, судя по последним действиям SCO. Посмотрим, чем все это закончится.

Дмитрий Шурупов

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PCLinuxOnline boycots SCO

SCO has sued IBM for supposedly incorperating UNIX intellectual property into Linux. The outcome of such a law suit can influence ALL distributions and use of Linux within at least the United States.

We request the following from our readers until SCO stops this attack against the Linux community:

* Do not purchase any product from SCO

* Do not license any product or I.P. from SCO

* Terminate (if possible) any contracts with SCO that might provide them funding.

* Do not do business with, sell things to, assist, and / or cooperate with anyone working for, invested in, and / or currently funding in any way the SCO company.

* If you choose to purchase a variant of UnitedLinux, do not buy it from SCO.

* Submit any publicly available personal information you have on SCO executives and major share holders as news submissions. If it’s legally public information, we’ll gladly post who these people are and all that we legally can about them.

* Organize any legal protests that you can outside their company and the homes of their executives and major stock holders.

* Write their legal team and politely ask them to consider dropping their client, SCO.

* Linus, please deny SCO the right to the Linux trademark until they drop these suits and agree in writing to never persue them again against any Linux vendor.

* Stallman, please find some legal way to declare SCO in violation of the GPL and give that information to IBM.

* IBM, please buy out SCO and take their so called UNIX intellectual property and make it public domain. Then terminate the employment of who remained with SCO.

* Scan for and intercept copies of any internet based SCO communications that are left unencrypted. Post anything of value on the internet for all to see. Be sure to check with an attourney that the content is legal to post under these circumstances first.

* If you can legally destroy (check with an attourney first) any information belonging to you that could support SCO’s claim prior to the court asking for it, do so. If it’s not legall (I honestly don’t know), don’t… it’s not worth prison. Again, check with an attourney.

Basically, please do anything legally possible to impede SCO’s business, revenue and law suit. Also, I’ve added some forums to support the War on SCO.

We also invite any other Linux / GNU and even BSD sites to join our boycot. If you would like to form a coordinated effort, please send us a note via our feedback link.

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