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Position: Software Engineer (kernel)

Duties: All aspects of system software engineering in the kernel and system libraries in context of a real-time, Unix-like operating system, including the following typical tasks and responsibilities:

- Design and develop operating system enhancements to the memory management, scheduler, file system, networking, device drivers and other kernel/system libraries sub-systems and frameworks.

- Design and develop ports to various processor architectures and embedded hardware platforms.


3+ years of working experience as a developer is required along with

the following skills:

- Strong C and assembly programming skills.

- Proficiency in Unix(Linux) kernel internals and

system architecture concepts.

- Proficiency in modern processor architectures.

- Advanced Unix(Linux) user.

- Experience with Unix(Linux) development tools and

environment (GCC, binutils, hell utilities, shell scripting, Makefile, etc.).

- Knowledge of software development lifecycles.

- Experience and ability for a team work.

- Good level of written English.


$2000 — 3000 net + medical insurance.

Moscow office near “Universitet” metro station.

Candidates from other cities ready to relocate to Moscow are considerable — Auriga is offering a special program for candidates from other cities.


Please send your cv to or call +7 (095) 975-74-00 (ext. 242) — Olga Tsvetkova

Uncle Theodore

>> environment (GCC, binutils, hell utilities, shell scripting, Makefile, etc.).

Erm… don’t get me wrong, but what «hell utilities» are we talking about here? Pitchforks and brimstone, I would imagine? :-)

Good Luck,



ну может и правда есть какие-нить Hell(tm) tools для «настоящих юниксов"?

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