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DevOps с компанией «Флант»
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A large company is looking for Systems Architect; higher education; fluent English; 3+ years experience (ER — modeling, UML,); practical experience (Rational Rose, Power Designer); development distributed applications experience; good knowledge and work experience: RUP, IDEF, UML, OOD, OOA, Design patterns; .Net, IIS, ADO, ASP, COM\DCOM, DNA; VB\VB.Net, С#, T-SQL, XML\XSL; VS 6.0, VS.NET, Rational Suite, Power Designer; MS SQL. Design decision support system; initializing key technical decision; development complex technical product; initializing project documents (Vision, System Requirements, System Architecture, and System Design); development component specification. Salary fixed $1800 + package and benefits; please send your CV to; code SA-05.