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народ немогу найти как забиндить клавиши наприме Alt+2 второй стол илт

Alt+r rxvt

кто знает как подскажите?


Keyboard Shortcuts

The list on the left side of the dialog shows all avaible shortcuts themes, using the name of directories that contain a keythemerc file.

By default, there’s only one theme : $(prefix)/share/xfwm4/themes/default.keys/keythemerc

You can customize keyboard shortcuts by editing this default keythemerc file (seven shorcuts entries are left empty for your convenience), or you can create a new theme, either like this one : $(prefix)/share/xfwm4/themes/custom.keys/keythemerc, or like this one (in your $HOME directory) : $HOME/.themes/xfwm4/custom.keys/keythemerc.

NOTE : $prefix is the install-prefix you used during xfwm 4 setup, usually /usr or /usr/local.

If you do not know the names of your keyboard modifier keys, you can launch the «xev» application from a terminal and test them.


Пасиб все ок

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