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Не будет…


Заматерел ты шуруп — толи дело раньше …

Дмитрий Шурупов

Процитирую я лучше «PostgreSQL Weekly News» — мне понравилось.

== PostgreSQL Weekly News — April 01 2005 ==

As of today, the license of PostgreSQL, including all its libraries,

is changing from the unfashionable BSD license to the more popular


Tom Lane has accepted a job at MySQL AB. He announced his departure

rather abruptly on the Hackers list yesterday:

> So long, suckers!

With the change in leadership, core team members will implement

changes to the project. One which has picked up a lot of enthusiasm

is migrating the PostgreSQL code base away from C. Bruce Momjian

explains, «C has served us pretty well for 20 years. But we think

it’s time to move to a more modern, and let’s face it, more popular

programming language. With the JVM testing, and the performance

degradation, and retraining, we probably won’t do any development for

2 years, but we figure it’s worth a try.»

PWN notes that the migration to Java will affect only the query

analyzer, executor, and storage engine. The client tools will be

re-written in COBOL.

A new language translation set of .po files for into 1337. w3lc0m3 t0

t|-|3 n3\/\/ /\/\3/\/\|3rz 0f teh c0mm|_|n1t’/!!1!!

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

PL/APL procedural language project launched

Bricolage released.

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

General Bits:

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