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Дмитрий Шурупов написал 20 октября 2005 года в 02:27 (795 просмотров) Ведет себя как фрик; открыл 670 тем в форуме, оставил 5727 комментариев на сайте.

Изучал различные quotes collections и повстречал такое вот чудо.

And now for something truly, absolutely and unabashedly stupid for poetry lovers….

The text of the poem follows:







The poem can only be appreciated by reading it aloud, to wit:

Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,

Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash,

Bang splat equal at dollar under-score,

Percent splat waka waka tilde number four,

Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash,

Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.

– Anon.


Дмитрий Шурупов

В продолжение поэтической темы…

Lyrics: Lesch & Uspensky «Wild Router» (в девичестве Nick Cave «Wild Rose»)

From the first day I saw her I knew she was the one

As she started in my eyes and smiled

For her screen were the colour of routers

That stood down the server, all blue and wild

When he knocked on my door and entered as root

My trembling subsided in his sure embrace

He would be my first admin, and with a careful hand

He wiped at the bugs that run down my face..

They call me The Sucksmuze Die

but my name was Chicago Day

Why they call me it I do not know

For my name was Chicago Day

On the second day I brought her a net-card

She was more beautiful than any system I?d seen

And I Said «Do you know

Where the *NIX servers grow

So sweet and stable and free?»

On the second day he came with a single device

Said «Will you give me your loss and your sorrow?»

And he NODded my head, when I lay on the bed

He said,"If I enter the address will you follow?»

On a third day he took me to the server.

He showed me routers and we kissed.

And the last thing, I?ve heard

Was a melted word,

As he stood smiling above me with a hard in his hand.

On the last day I took her where the *NIX servers grow

As she setted up the hard, the led light as a thief

As I kissed her goodbye, I said, «All Windows MUST DIE»

Found and planted a floppy between her teeth


Миллион, миллион, миллион мегадоз.. (Поётся на мотив известной песни А.Б.Пугачёвой)

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