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Переустановил BSD,решил пересобрать ядро.

зашёл в /usr/src/ а там ничего нет.

Как мне с CD-ROM получить исходники?

Uncle Theodore

Какой BSD, Free или Net?

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FreeBSD 5.1

Uncle Theodore

А как в книге, пробовал?

Note: If there is not a /usr/src/sys directory on your system, then the kernel source has not been installed. The easiest way to do this is by running /stand/sysinstall as root, choosing Configure, then Distributions, then src, then sys. If you have an aversion to sysinstall and you have access to an «official» FreeBSD CDROM, then you can also install the source from the command line:

# mount /cdrom

# mkdir -p /usr/src/sys

# ln -s /usr/src/sys /sys

# cat /cdrom/src/ssys.[a-d]* | tar -xzvf -

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