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I use rdist to keep some files in sync on two Open Server 5 machines, 5.0.7 source and 5.0.5 target boxes. It works perfectly well with exception of a small annoyng 'feature’ — directories created by rdist on the target box have access permissions of 700 and belong to root:sys. Individual files are created with correct permissions amd ownership. Is there a way to tell rdist to copy those attributes from the source directories? It does it for plain files, so there should be a way… I could not figure it out. Any info would be appreciated.

Here is what I have in my distfile:

HOSTS = ( trgtbox )

MAIN = (

/u/user1/*/{*.c,*.h,make*,*ddl} /u/user1/*/scr/{*.h,*.scr}

/u/user2/*/{*.c,*.h,make*,*ddl} /u/user2/*/scr/{*.h,*.scr}


${MAIN} -> ${HOSTS}

install -oyounger,quiet ;

Thanks in advance,


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